Ever since I started my photographic ‘journey’ I have wanted to do a ‘Spring shoot’ with a young girl in a field of flowers. I finally had the opportunity to do this on the weekend and am so incredibly pleased with the results. I’m certainly no master of natural light and this shoot really pushed my technical abilities as I wanted to do a lot of backlight shooting to get that gorgeous glow of the sun behind my beautiful subject. I just love the result, the soft light edits combined with the more moody ones… and for the first time, what I had envisioned in my mind I was able to capture in camera. I just love this type of photography, beautiful backlighting in a meadow of yellow flowers…..my little dream realised :) This shoot gave me a wonderful opportunity to work with just one person, to direct her and get the shot that i wanted. This is the first time i have done something like this as i normally work with families and young children. It was a learning experience to say the least and i’d love to do more child portraiture shoots like this.

Thank you to Sarah – you are such a trooper and a beautiful little soul inside and out. The wind was blowing and it was so cold and you just …soared! Such a professional at such a young age…you have got a bright future ahead of you and I’m so happy to be there at the start of it. Thanks to Allison for lending me your beautiful daughter and I truly hope you love the pictures. I know I do… :)

PS: so when is our next shoot??? :) :)

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